Our Volunteers

Carla Velthuijsen, Voorhout

I love working for the Prince/Princess Foundation and making new clothes specifically for the world’s poorest children together with other volunteers. From donated fabric we can make beautiful clothes that the children can be proud to wear. In addition we develop strong connections with each other as we regularly work together. This includes newcomers/refugees who want to integrate into our society. How selfless of them to want to good for others despite their own life challenges.





Agaath Beelen-Molkenboer, De Kaag

It’s is very rewarding to contribute to this charity. It is a great way of bringing people together, especially newcomers to our country. Many volunteers have joined because they love sewing but now they have a goal. We often hear that people who have not sewed for some years have started sewing again in order to help make the clothes. That’s really good to hear.